Stay Ahead of Cyber Threats: Why Healthcare, Dental, and Law Offices Need a Proactive Patching Policy

    Today, let's chat about something that’s crucial but often overlooked in our busy offices: the security of our internet routers and how a proactive patching policy can save us from a world of trouble. The Router Massacre:...

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Cost of Down Time on a Dental Practice

The financial health of a dental practice can be significantly impacted by computer downtime, and understanding the average hourly revenue per operatory is key to grasping the potential losses. Understanding the Financial Impact Average Revenue per...

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The Fragility of the Cloud: A Google Cloud Mishap Highlights the Importance of Backing Up Cloud Services

In a digital age where cloud services are the backbone of countless businesses, the reliability of these platforms is paramount. However, a recent incident involving Google Cloud has spotlighted the vulnerabilities that can exist even within the most...

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